Hailing from London, Iranian born electronic music producer Lost & Found is now a permanent resident of Berlin, Germany. ‘In this line of work, living in a place which no longer harvested club culture made no sense, which is why I left”

Influenced by legendary producers like Leftfield, The Neptunes, M.A.N.D.Y and Wookie, his love affair with electronic music began when he was just 14 years old; Learning to DJ on his brothers Technics 1210’s. However his first actual turntables were a pair of Citronic Belt drives, quite a learning curve by any standards.

His home life was a mix of Iranian values growing alongside an ever rich London Culture. He was of a generation that flourished under communities that had families from Nigeria, Lebanon, Ghana, Jamaica, Morroco and many more.

Growing up within Portobello market, West London, he was exposed to many styles of music through Pirate radio stations, clubs and of course the famous Notting Hill Carnival. These mediums are what introduced him to certain musical styles such as Garage, Rap, Rnb, Dancehall and Jungle Music.

Lost & Found’s main love came in the shape of Jungle & Garage music, “The sounds were raw & gritty, it was such a representation of London, The Streets. It was our identity & sound.”

A qualified sound engineer Lost & Found’s eyes really light up when he talks about his impressive studio set up. “I work with an Apple Mac Pro with 2 SSD’s and 16GB RAM; I record and arrange everything via Presonus Studio One along with a Roland Octa Capture Soundcard. I use Native Instruments Maschine mkII a lot and this was one of the first things I purchased. I also have various synths & drum machines like Moog’s Sub 37, Nord’s Lead 4 and Roland’s Tr-8. My speakers (My Babies) are a pair of Dynaudio BM 15’s active near field speakers & also a pair of Se Electronics “Egg” monitors.”

The last few years have been a time of great changes for Lost & Found, hence his name. Now confidently on the right path producing the music he loves, his passion for being a Londoner shines through in his musical style with strong synths, tight music arrangement and fat bass sounds. His love affair for music doesn’t just stop here; He and long term friend & business brother Hammy Havoc also score movies and game soundtracks together along with running an Electronic music label called Voidance Records.

Lost & Found provides a scoring service and sound design service alongside Hammy Havoc at Split An Atom.